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A Note from Kris Tschetter. LPGA Legends Tour

Kris is a member of the LPGA Legends Tour. She's a wonderful player and a great athlete. Kris was kind enough to send me this note:


I wanted to let you know about all the compliments I've been receiving (both on and off the golf course) when I am wearing the latest SanSoleil designs; Especially the new Long Sleeve Golf Dresses!

As an LPGA Legend Tour Player, it's essential for me to be comfortable and athletic when I play.

SanSoleil long sleeves with venting are no warmer than sunscreen, and I feel better without the sun beating down on me all day long.

Your UV 50 Cooling Golf Dresses have been a big hit on the Legends Tour!

Thanks for your support of The Legends Tour. I'm Looking forward to seeing the 2020 SanSoleil Collection.


Kris Tschetter

LPGA Legend Professional Tour

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