SanSoleil and Health Savings Plans.

SanSoleil, UV 50 Apparel for Sports, qualifies for Health Savings Accounts and Health Flexible Savings Accounts. To receive the Tax Credit individuals please follow/understand the following rules/conditions:

1. The receipt for a SanSoleil UV 50 top or bottom must show the purchase was from an accredited sun-protective company.

2. The clothing is reimbursed for the difference between "normal" apparel and the specially constructed clothing. A cost comparison analysis is required to show how the excess cost was determined. See (Cost Comparison Long Sleeve Polo.)

3. A Letter of medical necessity from your Dermatologist.

a. It is important to adhere to the documentation requirements listed in the below table.

b. A prescription does not take the place of a letter of medical necessity because a prescription fails to identify the condition being treated.

c. A prescription must include the drug prescribed; who the drug is for; the dosage, quantity and instructions for use; and the medical doctor's signature.

d. The receipt must show the purchase was from an accredited sun-protective company such as SanSoleil.

4. Clothing that offers at least 30+ UVB sun protection.

5. Individuals with melanoma or other skin cancer, systemic lupus eratosthenes, acute cutaneous lupus or other sun related dermatological conditions are eligible.

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