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SanSoleil for the Solstice.

SanSoleil for the Solstice is perfect, as last weekend marked the start of autumn, an ideal time New England with a cool breeze and a warm sun, there is nothing more comfortable than a lightweight, breathable, wicking, long-sleeve polo on the course. SanSoleil, French for sunless, SPF protective fabrics like their long staple Egyptian cotton Polo and performance fabric Soltek, make the seasonal transition perfectly, as they are not only necessary, but innovative and cool. With many stylish prints, like our favorite Burberry-esque plaid, available in classic tan, pink, and teal, there has been a high - See more at:

demand for men’s garments, SanSoleil launched Men’s for Golf and Tennis, currently available in white but will be coming out with new styles soon. With sun protection built in, SanSoleil gives new perspective of sunscreen and it’s many negatives. The smell of sunscreen undoubtedly reminds us of summer, so as the autumnal sun is moving farther away from the northern hemisphere, it seems the sun isn’t as strong. Sun protection gurus know this is not the case, never put your sunscreen away! While many tend to wear a moisturizer with SPF15, very few reapply sunscreen throughout the day, especially to avoid the greasy hand feel on the golf course. In fact, we may underestimate the suns rays in autumn and get a more intense burn.

A classic old school joke is the lifeguard at the beach with white chalky sunscreen on his nose containing the active chemicals that deflect UV rays, zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. Due to nanotechnology, scientists have been able to make these large chalky particles so small they are invisible. This raises safety concerns as they appear to penetrate the skin and interact with cells. Titanium dioxide was shown to cause genetic damage in mice. We love technology but it isn’t always healthy for us.

Sunscreen doesn’t protect against UVA rays AT ALL unless it says “Broad Spectrum” because of the UVA rays’ longer wave length. UVA rays are the Aging rays, while UVB are the Burning, but it is the UVA that causes 90 percent of visible aging and thought to be the primary key to the formation of the deadly Melanoma Cancer. The sun screen industry is lobbying the FDA for access to a wider range of UVA filters. The US Sun Screen industry relies upon two chemicals as UVA filters. These filters are currently being used in Europe, but have not met the USA’s testing requirements.

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